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About Us

A Dream come true!

Hi, my name is Cheran and from a very young age I’ve been baking cakes and treats with my Nan (cliche I know).

For the last dozen years or so I’ve been baking for friends and families businesses to give staff a boost on a Friday afternoon.

I’ve always wanted to grow this business but a busy family life with two children and full time work has kept a lid on the plans.

Now that the children are a little older, I have taken the massive leap from kitchen baker to my very own Bakery Emporium.

Now I can not only offer wonderful Brownies and Cup Cakes but have the room for Coffees, Ice Creams and Cheesecakes too!

Everything I do I try and make as ecologically sustainable and recyclable as possible, so you will be asked if you want an edible straw with that!

As if opening a new business isn’t stressful enough, I have been keeping the whole enterprise a secret from my entire family; so I can surprise my Nan on opening day! Let’s hope her internet skills haven’t improved!

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